Monmouthshire County Council Elections 2022

Please note new legislation took effect in December 2021 for the elections in May 2022 and will alter the election processes from previous years. The following pages will cover all the changes but for information the new legislation is The Local Elections (Principal Areas) (Wales) Rules 2021 which affect the County Council process and The Local Election (Communities) (Wales) Rules 2021 which cover the Community/Town Council elections. 



Welcome to the Monmouthshire County Council website for candidates and agents interested in standing for election to either the County Council or Town/Community Councils in Monmouthshire.

Do you care passionately about your community? 
Do you want to make a difference locally? 
Are you ready to take challenging decisions? 

Why not stand for election as a councillor? 

What elections are taking place? 

County Council

Elections will take place on the 5th May 2021 to elect 46 County Councillors to sit on the County Council 

Community & Town Council

There will also be elections on the same day for nearly 300 community/town councillors to 31 community/town councils.

Who is standing for election? 

The full list of County Council candidates standing for election is available here. 

The full list of Town/Community Candidates standing for election are available here

The list of people who are elected to community/town council seats unopposed is available here. 

Download Nomination Papers

County Council Nomination Papers

Click on the above link to download the County Council nomination pack. 

Community & Town Council Nomination Papers

Click on the above link to download the Community & Town Council nomination pack. 

Submitting your nomination paper

Candidates can submit their nomination paper in a few ways but nominations can only be received from the 17th March 2022 until 4pm on the 5th April 2022 between 9:30am and 4pm. 
1. Hand deliver to County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk, NP15 1GA before the deadline above. 
2. Scan the completed nomination paper and email to before the deadline above.
3. Use our online nomination facility to complete your nomination paper before the deadline above. 

Candidates using our online facility will need to register for a My Monmouthshire account and will need to know the email address of the witness, and election agent if applicable, to submit their supporting signatures electronically. If you are standing for a political party you will also need your certificate of authorisation to upload with your nomination paper. 

You can submit your nominations online on the following links: 

Candidate Briefing Sessions

Still not sure if you want to stand as a candidate or would like some more information on the role? Why not attend one of our briefing sessions for candidates. You will get to hear directly from existing councillors about the role, what it takes to be an effective councillor, what commitment and  experience you can gain becoming a councillor. You will also get to understand the election process and the requirements and expectations of you as a candidate standing for election. 

Briefing session will be held in January 2022. A recording of the briefing session is available online here if you were unable to attend and would like further information. 

What  happens if I win the election? 

If you are successful in winning your election, you will formally become a councillor when you sign your declaration of acceptance of office which needs to be completed within 4 days of the result of the election. 

An induction programme will be prepared to bring you up to speed on everything you will need in your role as Councillor from how you should behave, how the Council operates and building relationships with officers and fellow councillors. 

Information on the induction programme and expectations on the time commitments needed for the programme are available here. 

Printed and Published by the Returning Officer, Monmouthshire County Council, County Hall, The Rhadyr, Usk, NP15 1GA
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